Women for the Future

Ace on FFF started on February 11th, 2019 training 20 young single mothers in a 3-year pilot program. They will be trained and empowered using modules like Horticulture, Poultry, Business, Rights and Nutrition.

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Farmers for the Future

ACE and FFF has established a good relationship with representatives of the local farmers. FFF is working with them on the selecting the most appropriate seed, possible procurement of seed together, and help on their farm with FFF Equipment… ACE will set up a special program for training and empowering them.

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Youth for the Future

Students from the Sokoine University of Agriculture, are a typical group of youths that will stay at the farm for up to 10 weeks as part of their study. A special program will be developed. Programs for others will also be prepared.

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Children for the Future

ACE on FFF will awaken their interest in, and grow their knowledge of agriculture. 2 days a year they will be brought to the farm by bus, and have a full-day program. In the weekend they will come back to the farm for a visit with their parents.

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FFF is base its commercial activities in crop and animal productions, and derivatives such as milk and meat.

To promote sustainable, modern, quality and productive agricultural practices through training, seminars, workshops and collaboration with Government and other stakeholders.

Empowering People

An agriculturally sustained and empowered community.

Commitment, Responsibility, Result oriented

To live the values is part of the contract with our employees. We also aim to find partners and suppliers that have the same priorities.

Our goals and priorities

  • Young, single mothers stand on their own feet

  • Vocational training and creation of new jobs

  • Children and young people are interested in, and get increased knowledge about the importance of agriculture

  • Multiple aid organizations work together to develop FFF and society around

Our Partners for the Farm for the Future project