Vice Chairperson Mr Osmund Ueland with Kilolo District Commisioner

Advisory Board

The FFF Advisory board regulates and balances the strategic interventions of the company. FFF has a very strong and committed Advisory Board. The board is composed of professionals with varied backgrounds of technical expertise and experience. It is through this team that the Board of Directors and employees will be advised on matters related to farming and marketing. The Board has private/individual and Local Government Authority Leaders whose harmonized work will make an important contribution to the growth of the company.

In addition to a professional FFF Board, FFF has invited some very important Stakeholders to be part of an Advisory board to give guidance to the company in every annual meeting.

The Advisory Board members are as listed below;

  • Iringa Regional Commissioner
  • Kilolo District Commissioner
  • Chairperson IOP Board of Trustees.
  • Rutuba Farm by Otto Ulyate
  • Kilolo District Executive Director
  • ASAS, by Director FaudJaffar
  • Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA)
  • Sunflower Montessori Pre-School, Luxembourg
  • The Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania(SAGCOT)
  • Village Government
  • Village Community Bank (VICOBA).