Children for the Future

Is a project that will provide agricultural training and livestock-keeping skills and knowledge to our children

ACE on Farm for the Future aims to;

  • To teach children from schools around Ilula on modern and commercial agriculture which gives  profit to farmers
  • To make children friends with livestock
  • To learn animal’s behavior and see how are they growing, eating, moving, reproducing and communicating
  • To train children to be good farmers
  • To help children to know how to feed animals and clean their house.
  • To know how to treat the animals

Feeding Rabbits.

Our children will learn how to feed the rabbits but also to see how many types of food a rabbit eats.

All these children are waiting to plant one tree at the farm for the future as they did at their school.

Children will get an education on productive agriculture will help them when they are grown up will raise the income of their families and national wise as it is the backbone of the country.

The farm will have the demonstration plot for children to practice what they have learned.

When kids visited at IOP center they saw few Rabbits but they were told that at the farm for the future there will be more and they replied that ‘’so everyone will have Rabbit?’’ very excited ……kids.

Children are looking forward to see the good cows different from all local cows they use to see.

Always Kids are happy to see pigs when they are eating and they have heard about farm for the future will have pigs and they will see them and feed them sometimes.

Chicken project have made IOP children to like keeping chicken as they have been eating eggs and they told it’s good business.

We think about keeping goats, in the way that they can be more productive compared to our neighbor’s ways of keeping.

They are very happy to hear that there will be a farm for them to learn something and practice what they have learnt.

Our children will learn how to keep, feed, wash,  play with different animals like pigs, rabbits, chickens, goats, cows, sheep, and pony. Also, they will know which animal is more nutritious, marketable and productive.

Kid’s Corner pupils are asking questions how that farm will look like as they have been informed