Said by Rev Eric Soard, Board member of Ilula Orphan Program (IOP).

IOP own the A Shares in Farm for the Future Tanzania Ltd, which represent 51 % of the shares. Eric is the Sustainable Development Director in United Methodist Church of Tanzania

“As a member of the IOP Board in Tanzania, a development worker in Tanzania since 2010, and as someone who has started a social service organization for street children, a women’s advocacy organization, a college, and a community development organization in Tanzania, Farm for the Future provides a unique opportunity for development in Tanzania.

The vision of IOP is a ‘New Standard of Living’ for Tanzania. This vision is wide, deep, and complex and cannot be accomplished using traditional methods of charity and aid. Tanzania, while financially poor, is not in a crisis, and therefore is not in a position of needing relief aid in 90% of situations.

What Tanzania does need is development, to move towards communities having their own resources to build their own resilience. Resilience in a community allows a community to deal with challenges that arise on their own, with their own resources, and through their own leadership.

  • Farm for the Future is a tool that can move the community towards development and resilience. It does this through a unique approach of having a double bottom line of profit and development of the community.
  • FFF has the opportunity to provide technical, hands on skills to the community. Knowledge which is usable and applicable to their own lives in a very direct way. At the same time the farm is willing to do exactly what it is asking the community to do, figure out how to make a profit and give back to the community at the same time. Too often development organizations try to teach economic development to communities while they themselves run off of donations in a very unsustainable way.
  • FFF has the ability to be a light to others in the community that profit and social good do not have to be opposable goals, but can be done at the same time with just a little extra effort.

These messages and opportunities to the community are very important to create a new standard of living for the community and important to IOP to become sustainable and to add a new dimension to the many good works already being done. “