Registration number: 00NGO-00009830

Basic Registration Information: The organization was registered on 6th August 2018 with registration number 00NGO-00009830, under the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Act No.24 of 2002 as amended in 2005.

After advice from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, Osmund Ueland, the chairperson of Farm for the Future, came with the idea to form an separate NGO.

It was then decided to make the training part to a separate NGO, in order not to mix the financial side of the two operations, and to put the NGO part to be able to apply for funds for skills for job training.

Founder Members as per Registration was Chairperson Elisia Paschal Mtesigwa and other Board members.

From the start of developing the Farm for the Future project in 2015, the ide has always been to combine a commercial farm and a big training center to empower the Community.

This goes from what to grow and who to make a profit, to start even with the kids from Kindergartens and Primary Schools to awake their interest and grow their knowledge of agriculture.

The unique combination between commercial farming FFF and training ACE has followed the project up to the registration of Farm for the Future Tanzania Ltd under BRELA with the registration No. 136366610 on 17th April 2018,

It will be a priority point in the future to make this combination to do the best results for all stakeholders and all the beneficiary.