We are supplied crop protection inputs from Balton who also advise is on its proper application. We also procured seeds from SeedCo. Both Seesco and Balton are SAGCOT partners.

Company Name: Monsanto
Supplier Name:   Alpha Agrovate Suppliers ltd
Seed Supplied:    DK 8053,9089,777

Company Name: Syngenta
Supplier name:    SuaAgrovate Co. Ltd
Seeds supplied:   SY 634

Company Name: Seedco
Supplier name:   Seedco
Seeds supplied:   Sc513, 627

Company name: Bytrade
Supplier name:   Bytrade (t) ltd
Seeds supplied:   phb 3253

In our operation we use the following SAGCOT partners:

  • Fertiliser: Yara Tanzania
  • Seed:
    • DK 8053,9089,777
    • SY 634
    •  Sc513, 627
    • phb 3253
  • Chemicals: Balthon