Women for the Future

ACE on FFF Develops a program that aims to empower young single mothers in Tanzania.

Women for the future – a three-year pilot project, from 2019 to 2021.

  • A program aiming to empower young single mothers (YSMs).
  • YSMs will be trained in horticulture, poultry, business, women`s right and nutrition. A separate VICOBA group will be formed for the group.
  • From 11th Feb, 2019 training has started with a group of 20 YSMs.
  • Start with a small number of YSMs but aim for big results.
  • When the training center is completed in 2021, ACE on Farm for the Future will have more training programs for FARMERS for the Future, YOUTH for the Future and CHILDREN for the Future (from kindergarten and primary school)
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Training Venues


  • Horticulture training
  • Poultry training
  • Business training
  • Women`s rights training
  • Nutrition training

Why horticulture training is important to YSMs?

YSMs are more vulnerable to hunger, illiteracy and poverty hence this training will

  • Increase farming knowledge.
  • Increase production and finally raise their income.
  • Create employment and become independent.
  • Poverty reduction hence improves their welfare.
  • Improve food security.

Demonstration plot of green beans

  • apart from horticultural training, there will be a demonstration plot (I Acre) of green beans.
  • This will be a class in which YSMs will learn practically stage by stage on how to grow green beans.
  • The drip irrigation system will be installed hence demonstration plots will be used throughout the year
  • Approximately 1,500 liters of water will be used per day
  • Testing quality of water before used in irrigation
  • Future plan; harvesting rainwater that can be used during the dry season.

Why poultry training is important to YSMs?

  • Increase knowledge of poultry production.
  • Create employment and finally independent.
  • Poverty reduction and improve their welfare.
  • Source of food (Chicken and Eggs)

Why business training is important to YSMs?

  • Will increase their knowledge in
    • Management
    • Financial control
    • Sales and marketing
  •  Increase motivation for success and perception of an entrepreneur.

Why women`s rights training are important to YSMs?

  • To know their rights like
    • the right to own property.
    • the right to vote and be voted.
    • the right to be educated etc.
  • Will help them to live free from violence, slavery, and discrimination.

Why nutrition training is important to YSMs?

  • Nutrition education is needed to reduce the malnutrition problem. YSMs should be aware of various nutritional issues like
    • What constitutes a healthy diet
    • How to make good food choices
    •  Eating the right foods (not just more or less food) etc.
  • Nutrition education is needed to protect and improve YSMs` health and health of their children.
  • YSMs will be ambassadors for nutrition in the community.

Other important partners are YARA and SUA

  • Contact and inform respective government authorities about our program for support and help.
  • Contact/meet with various people with experience in working with YSMs in various programs to share the experience.
  • Creating criteria for obtaining the best candidates (YSMs) for our program.
  • Meeting with villagers to explain and introduce our program for familiarization
  • Finding the best 20 YSMs for our program.
  • Visit homes of all YSMs before joining in the program to observe
    • the current situation of their home before the program start
    • If they have access to land for farming
    • Make a plan for each individual – situation today, wanted future and main actions
    • If they have required criteria
  • Maximum support from the government
  • Good relationship with government leaders
  • Right partners
  • Right criteria and procedures of selecting YSMs
  • YSMs to have access of land for farming
  • Program should be result and practical oriented
  • Role models like Berit Skaare (founder of IOP), Hadija Jabiry (founder of GBRI), Asia Abdala (Kilolo DC), Tina W. Mosha (NCA)
  • Successful people in either horticulture, Poultry or business like great farmers and business person for inspiring YSMs
  • Field visit to the site of different people that succeed by doing either horticulture, poultry or business
  • Open communication and regular focus on results
  • Should be mentally fit and literacy
  • Should be a young single mother (not married) with the age between 15-26 years old and she should be ready to not get married until the end of our program
  • Should not get pregnant for the whole time of the program
  • Should have access to land for farming at least 1/2 acre in her home or an area that is nearby to her home.
  • Should not be a student at any level of education.
  • Should have interest in horticulture, Business, and poultry
  • Unemployed
  • Should be Tanzanian citizen
  • Must live in Ilula, not outside Ilula.
  • Should be a hard worker with dreams and ambitions of success.
  • Should be interested in entrepreneurship and has the spirit of employing herself.
  • Should be ready to attend and participate in all activates/events of the program within Ilula and outside Ilula.
  • Should be willing to learn, assimilate and apply the knowledge learned in our training.
  • Should be willing to follow all rules and regulations during the period of the program.
  • Should not involved in any program that related our program
  • Should has interest and willingness of learn English


  • Visit homes of all YSMs before joining in the program to observe
    • current situation of their home before program start
    • If they have access of land for farming
    •  Make a plan for each individual – situation today, wanted future and  main actions m
    •  If they have required criteria (by using verbal questions and questionnaire)
  • To talk discreetly with neighbors of YSMs to get know more about their behaviors
  • Prepare some tests that aim to determine their patience.
  • To interview obtained YSMs by using other people with experience in dealing with YSMs
  • YSMs should sign agreement form with ACE before join the program.

VICOBA (Village Community Banks)

The group of 20 YSMs will create their own VICOBA group. Before program start, they will be trained on VICOBA to create awareness about VICOBA

Why VICOBA in Women For the future program?

  • To bring YSMs together and combine their savings
  • Increase access of credit through loan (from their own savings or banks) to fund their micro-enterprises and self-employment initiatives.
  • Increase self-employment opportunities
  • Provide mutual support and encouragement to empower YSMs to work together so as to create sustainable development.
  • Help individuals to fulfil their dreams and improve their living standards

Possible supports to YSMs from the program

YSMs that will be involved in the program can be supported in the following

  • Inputs like Seeds, chemicals and fertilizer (but this can be only in the first year of the program, following years they will depend themselves through their VICOBA group)
  • To create their VICOBA group
  • Access of land for farming (in cooperation with government we will help them to have access of land for farming)
  • Access of loan
  • Transport and meal cost during the program
  • Upgrading their home situation
  • Sponsor their kids in kindergarten education


  • This program will be a success when

- 15 – 20 YSMs complete the program

- Changes observed to YSMs after completion of the     program

- YSMs become role models of success in their society